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Serving since 1982 Tortilleria La Princesa is a local, family owned tortilleria devoted to providing the local community and restaurants with authentic Mexican delicacies.

Our tortillas are made fresh daily, using only the best gluten free, non-GMO yellow corn. We slow cook our corn and then stone grind it creating the perfect preservative free and most traditional Mexican tortilla. We also sell both regular and prepared masa, corn chip, sopes and tostadas

If you are looking for an alternative and healthier option to your traditional yellow corn La Princesa also carries organic, non-GMO, preservative and gluten free blue corn products.

Our 100% organic whole wheat tortillas make the perfect wrap, quesadilla, burrito or you name it. Although nothing makes you feel like you’re eating a true Mexican burrito like the original white bleached flour tortillas.

We cater to food service providers, restaurants, markets and distributors. For special orders, La Princesa can customize tortilla sizes, weights and flavors. Private label packaging is also available.

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